2018 Tier 2 Classic All Star Game

The game will be played on April 28, 2018 in Phoenix, AZ. Rosters will be selected from the group of athletes that participate in the Tier 2 Mini Camps through out the country. After all camps are completed invitations will be sent to the top 10% (aprox) players and they will be invited to participate in a full 60 min game.

There will be an east team and a west team, both of which will be coached by current college and pro coaches. The format will be as a traditional NFL game with the possibility of few rule changes to incorporate some of the other leagues rules. Practices will be held twice a day during the week prior. Each team will also have plenty of time for meetings etc. The game will be live streamed through our You Tube Channel, and copies of the video will be sent to leagues and teams for review of the players.

Players must provide their own helmet and pads. Game jersey and pants will be provided and will be kept by the players after the game. Players will stay in a 5 star resort in Scottsdale AZ for the week prior to the game. All accommodations for room, board, travel to practices and games, trainers and all game accommodations will be included in the player fee with the amount yet to be determined. Players will be responsible for travel to Scottsdale. There will also be a pre-game banquet the night before where game jerseys, individual plaques, and awards will be given out. There will also be a meal and speakers presented during the occasion.