welcome to tier 2 sports

Tier 2 Sports was set up to provide football players the opportunity to be evaluated by all professional leagues and teams throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. This evaluation can be accomplished at one site, at one time, and for one fee. Prior to the inception of Tier 2 Sports, an aspiring professional football player would have to attend many tryouts, at many locations and have to pay thousands of dollars to have the chance to be evaluated and get the opportunity to play at the professional level. Tier 2 Sports provides a two day mini-camp where players come to be tested in the same way as the NFL combine, but Tier 2 Sports is much more detailed than even the NFL. The player will be measured physically and tested mentally and they will have the opportunity to showcase their skills against other top players all while a live stream is broadcasting and cameras are videotaping the entire event. All of the information and video obtained during the mini camp will be sent to all leagues and teams throughout North America that currently pay players to play professional football.