Tier 2 Sports Mini Camp Checklist

What Will I Need to Bring to the Tier 2 Mini-Camp Combine?

The Official Tier 2 Sports’ Mini-Camp Combine Checklist

Day 1:  On day 1 you will need running shoes and appropriate attire to run a 40 yd dash, 5-10-5 shuttle, do a vertical and a standing broad jump.  We will run indoors so cleats are not necessary on Day 1.  You will also need any personal equipment needed to complete a 225 lbs. bench press test.  This may include gloves and/or belt.  We will also be taking an I.Q. test similar to the Wonderlick test, but everything will be provided for you for that segment of the combine.

Day 2-3:  On day 2 and 3 we will be conducting drillwork and 1 v. 1 drills outside on a football field so cleats will be required.  You will also have to provide your own helmet and shoulder pads.  There will no equipment provided so you must have your own.  You can either get some from your last school, purchase some at a sporting goods or used equipment store, or borrow some, but you must have your own helmet and shoulder pads to participate in the drillwork portion of the combine. Mouth guards are not required but suggested.  There will be no medical staff on site so you will be responsible for your own preventive care (taping etc.). If there is an injury during the combine that requires medical attention you will be responsible getting your own medical attention or an ambulance can be called for you.

Paperwork:  There will be paperwork sent to all paid participants which outlines your prior experience, personal information, and any awards earned playing football.  This is all requested by the teams we will be sending your information to and will need to be filled out prior to coming to the combine.  We will not provide time during the day to fill out this information.  You will have forms to fill out on the Day 1 which includes a number of waivers and general information as well.

Reminders:  Visitors and non-participants will not be allowed to watch any of our activities. No one will be able to film or photo any of Tier 2 activities.  Please let all family members, significant others, children, agents, coaches or anyone else know that it will not be allowed.  Thank you

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