Tier 2 Sports Mini Camps

What is the Tier 2 Mini-Camp Process?

What to Expect from the Tier 2 Mini-Camps

Day 1  Day 1 starts with physical measurements.  We measure height, weight, wing span, hand size, and shoe size.  We get your shirt size, leg length and head circumference.   Then we move on to physical evaluations.  We measure your vertical jump, broad jump, 40 yd dash, 5-10-5 shuttle, and 225 bench press for reps.  During Day 1 we also administer a form of the Wonderlick test, which is an IQ test used to measure general intelligence and ability to lean quick processes.

Day 1 is a day where all the “non-football” evaluations are taken.  We also have the opportunity to hear and learn about the process professional athletes go through from the free agent process, to acquiring an agent if necessary.  We conclude Day 1 with a look at Day 2 and 3 with directions and expectations needed to complete the 3 day process.

Day 2 Day 2 continues as all athletes are split into position groups with each group getting a specific start time.  We work through a complete warm up process, with an active stretch and movement drills.  We then start with position specific drills which highlight those movements and skills that will be an indicator of how well you can perform tasks that may be asked of you at your position.  And finally, we spend substantial time working on 1 v. 1 drillwork.  This is a controlled session to ensure a safe environment and minimize the chance for an unfortunate injury.  Players will be asked to perform against an opponent to gage ability levels so personnel professionals can get a true level of athleticism and understanding of the position.  Once this process is over, Day 2 concludes with a meeting to discuss Day 3 and the expectations for the final day of the combine.

Day 3 is a complete mirror of Day 2.  Day 3 offers a look at how athletes have prepared for the mini camp as many athletes performance will decrease if they were not prepared properly.  Personnel representatives want to see a high level of performance with a minimal drop off from Day 2. All athletes will receive many chances to show what they would contribute to a professional team.  

At the conclusion of the mini-camp, all collected information will be packages and sent to all professional organizations worldwide.  In addition, all events are live streamed through our You Tube page so all family, friends, agents, managers, and team professional s can watch the events.

Finally, make sure you prepare for event.  Come with your A game so you can represent yourself well with your performance. Good Luck and we look forward to seeing you there! 

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